What is COINN? Why should you join??

COINN is the only international organization for neonatal nurses, established in 2005.

COINN is dynamic ever changing to meet the needs of neonatal nurses, neonates and their families. Our specialty is relatively rare but so important for health of neonates and families. COINN is unique—a global professional non-profit organization with representatives from over 60 countries. COINN is a part of the United Nations’ work to decrease neonatal and infant mortality; partner of Saving Newborn Lives and Save the Children organizations and the representative of neonatal nurses in other organizations and during various meetings.

Do you want to share your experiences? Do you want to share your challenges? Do you want to be vocal about the progress you made in your unit and country? Do you want to change policies? Do you want to provide better care for newborn and infants? Do you want to teach someone who wants your help in providing care for newborns? Are you willing to share what you know? Do you want to talk about your problems and hear out the solutions other colleagues all over the globe found in cases like yours? Do you want just help infants and mothers? Then COINN is your organization.

You can join as an individual member. You can join as a unit. You can join as a national organization. The choice is yours.

COINN is a not-for-profit organization that cares about its members. Your membership fees go back to the organization to help improve neonatal nursing care, education, and support research and health policy changes. Your money goes to educational and research projects, travels to share your experiences and learn from others, efforts to change policies and standards of care.

This is COINN. And this is not about money at all. It is about infants and families, and nurses who care for them.

Join today and feel yourself needed and involved. You can be a representative for your region of the world – and we do not require credentials for that position. We just want you to have a voice as a neonatal nurse. And we are the global unity.


Dear Every Newborn partners,

We are delighted to report that the 194 member-states of the World Health Assembly have today endorsed the Every Newborn Action Plan. The resolution calls on all member-states to implement the plan and to report on progress to the World Health Assembly through 2030.

More than 50 countries took to the floor during the debate to express their support, including those who represented regional blocs. We owe special thanks to the Governments of Cameroon, Canada and Malawi for proposing the resolution in support of the Every Newborn Action Plan, as well as numerous countries who indicated their co-sponsorship of the resolution.

Today’s resolution caps an extraordinary week for Every Newborn, with events including:

  • Publication on Tues 20 May of the Lancet Every Newborn series (http://www.thelancet.com/series/everynewborn), launched at a technical event hosted by UNICEF in NY, shared at the noontime UN press conference, and shown by webcast all over the world, as here: www.ustream.tv/channel/unicef-lancet-en-series-launch;
  • A plenary speech by Melinda Gates (see attached) to the World Health Assembly in Geneva on Tues 20 May, focusing on newborn health and the ENAP;
  • a breakfast briefing on Every Newborn with about a dozen ministers at the World Health Assembly, hosted by PMNCH with Melinda Gates on Tues 20 May;
  • A standing-room only noontime briefing on Every Newborn on Tues 20 May, attended by WHO Director-General Margaret Chan and Melinda Gates with the participation of ministers from Cambodia, Nepal and Zambia, as well as Ariel Pablos-Mendez of the US
  • A breakfast event on Wed 21 May hosted by the Governments of Canada and Cameroon, with the participation of the Minister of Health of Canada, and supported by Save the Children, World Vision, Path and PMNCH

A full set of reports on these events can be found at www.pmnch.org and www.everynewborn.org

The endorsement of the Action Plan today in Geneva paves the way for the launch of the final Every Newborn Action Plan at the Partners’ Forum in Johannesburg on 30 June. PMNCH Chair and A Promise Renewed Ambassador Graça Machel will unveil the plan at the meeting, accompanied by a set of concrete, measurable commitments from stakeholders in support of the UN Secretary-General’s Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health and Every Woman Every Child. (Deadline for submissions: 9 June – please reply to everynewborn@who.int if you have not yet received an invitation letter to make a commitment.)

We have truly sparked a global conversation, with more than 120 million Twitter impressions and hundreds of media articles, some of which are attached for your interest.

Today’s resolution marks a new start for newborns and their mothers all over the world. Thank you for the extraordinary partnership that has made today possible.

Best regards,
Liz Mason and Kim Dickson
Co-chairs on behalf of the Every Newborn Steering Committee

For more information, please visit:
Email: ceo@coinnurses.org
Fax: +1 617 477 4402

USA National and Pacific Rim contact: www.malamaonakeiki. org
Email: admin@malamaonakeiki.org
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