SERVICES ARE PROVIDED TO IMPACT THE FIRST 1,000 DAYS OF A BABIES LIFE LEADING TO A HEALTHIER LIFESPAN. Partnering with the baby in the womb to birth is critical – how we get there is important to all surrounding a mother and unborn to birth. Reducing child abuse, domestic violence, early childhood delays are a few of the positive outcomes when nurturing begins at the prenatal stage. As a community, when we work together to support all mothers, babies and families, we invest in a healthier community system for all future generations, including our own families.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH: We have a healthcare team with expertise to offer the complimentary and fee services:

1) Hospital to Home Transitions
2) Nursing Support Services for neonate/babyʻs first month at home, beginning from hospital admission to discharge. Services include: Nursing home visitation, in coordination with healthcare team, to support medical devices, equipment (ventilators, feeding pumps, IV, etc) Respite care
3) Education pertaining to high risk babies and neonate/child development – education designed to need of family, community or businesses Neonate/Infant/Pediatric CPR and Car Seat evaluation by CPR Certified Nurse
4) Neonatal/Pediatric Hospice and Palliative Care

Provides prenatal to pediatrics (prenatal to 18 years of age) support for dying, death and bereavement of our littlest angels to adolescent stage. Referrals or parents requesting nursing support can begin at time of a diagnosis or when parents/caregiver hope for celebrating their angel’s lifespan in the hospital, at home or in a special place of intimate connection. Mālama is a member of Kokua Mau who can also provide additional referral sources and options.

SELF CARE FOR THE NURSE AND PROFESSIONALS: Are you a nurse who has felt burnt out or a nursing student desiring to connect with nurses? Humor, cultural arts, communication and coaching our students/peers are some of the special ways we nurture, inspire and encourage a passion for life in the nursing field!